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Russian woman Yulia Prokhorova, who supported Russian invasion of Ukraine, deported

Yulia Prokhorova was "famous" for pestering two Ukrainian women abroad with the question "Whose Kherson is it" and in response singing "Russia will win".

And the other day, a passenger very similar to Yulia Prokhorova was seen at Berlin airport accompanied by two police officers, The Insider reported. It seems that the Russian woman was forcibly put on the Berlin-Istanbul flight.

It turns out that Prokhorova regularly engaged in recording provocative videos in Germany and posting them on social media. For example, on May 9, she danced to "Kalinka" in Munich.

Prokhorova became widely known to Ukrainians after another provocation, when on the street she clung to two Ukrainian refugee women asking them whose Kherson was. To the girls' absolutely unambiguous answer, she added: "Aha, haha, Ukraine! They are already holding a referendum!

In her videos, the Russian woman also advised her compatriots to waste electricity and other things "to support the Russian army".

Probably the last straw for the German law enforcers was a video in which she recorded herself wiping herself with official letters from the police instead of toilet paper.

Interestingly, the Russian woman was doing all this while illegally in Germany, Bild wrote after a search in her rented flat in Landshut, Lower Bavaria. During the search, police seized three smartphones and a laptop. After the search, she was no longer in contact. According to media reports, the Russian woman was in custody.

The Insider also managed to find out what Yulia Prokhorova did for a living. Officially, she worked as a cashier at a Pyaterochka shop, she was also listed at a microfinance organisation, Bystrodengi. And her photo can also be found on an intimate services website marked "verified". She also starred in one episode of the TV show Let's Get Married, where host Larisa Guzeeva sceptically remarked

You chose to be trashy, so who can judge you?

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