ukraine's energy minister names target of today's missile attack

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Rocket Terror: Russia's main goal is to provoke systemic failure in Ukrainian energy sector
11:40, 26.01.2023

The enemy shelled power facilities again today in an attempt to cause a systemic breakdown in Ukraine's energy system.

This was reported by Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko on his facebook page.

Thanks to the excellent work of the air defence, a large number of missiles have been shot down. Unfortunately, there are hits to energy infrastructure facilities. Emergency shutdowns have been introduced. The most difficult situation is now in the Kiev, Odessa and Vinnitsa regions. Power engineers are working to restore the power supply as soon as possible. Ukraine will win!" he wrote.

The Kyiv regional state administration said that the energy facility in Kyiv region was hit

Also damaged civil infrastructure, private and multi-storey houses in some areas of the region. Predominantly there are broken windows, damaged roofs and façade.

No casualties were reported.

Emergency power outages have now been applied in the region.

ukraine's energy minister names target of today's missile attack

Occupiers have damaged energy infrastructure in Odessa Region

a massive missile strike has hit and damaged several energy infrastructure facilities in Odessa and other regions of Ukraine, so now there are significant problems with power supply, the head of the Odessa regional state administration, Maxim Marchenko, has said.

Power engineers have already started repair work, but it will take some time to fix the damage.

There is already information about damage to 2 objects of the critical energy infrastructure of the Odessa region. There are no casualties. An air defense system is operating over the territory of the Odessa region and the Odessa district in particular," the head of the Odessa district military administration, Yuriy Kruk, said.

The Dumskaya publication points out that not only light, but also water disappeared in some districts of Odessa.

ukraine's energy minister names target of today's missile attack

Enemy damages energy infrastructure facility in Zaporizhzhya Region

Overnight the enemy hit Pavlivska community in Zaporizhzhya region with S-300 missiles.

According to the Zaporizhzhya regional state administration, the occupants shelled civilian infrastructure near 19 settlements in the past 24 hours.

The most difficult situation with electricity is now in Kiev, Odessa and Vinnytsya regions, Energy Minister Halushchenko said. Critical infrastructure facilities have been hit and emergency shutdowns are in place.

We shall remind you that on the night of 26 January, the Russian occupiers resumed attacks on Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones.

The striking UAVs were launched from the eastern coast of the Azov Sea.

According to preliminary information, the enemy used 24 drones.

All 24 were destroyed by anti-aircraft missile units, fighter aviation, mobile fire teams of the Air Force, in cooperation with air defence units of other components of the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

The overwhelming number of kamikaze drones was destroyed in the centre of the country - in the area of responsibility of Air Command Centre.

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