How much will a driver pay for not having compulsory insurance?

What is the penalty for the absence of the so-called "avtocivilki"
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The law "On Compulsory Insurance of Owners of Land Vehicles" prohibits the operation of a car without a valid "avtocivilka."

A motorist who dares to drive without compulsory insurance will be fined during a police check. This writes "Motor Media Review."

The amount of the fine remains unchanged for the time being:

  • 425 UAH - if you forgot the policy;
  • UAH 850 - if the insurance has expired or is not available.

For the amount of the fine not to double, it must be paid within 15 days. Even if you just bought a new car and are taking it to another city for registration, transit plates do not give you the right to drive without insurance. For such cases, a short-term policy is provided from 10 to 15 days, Motor Media Review writes.

Experts remind that due to the lack of insurance, it will be necessary to pay a fine and compensation to the victim from his pocket in the event of an accident.

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