Which of the temporarily displaced persons has the right to receive 12 thousand per person

The Ministry of Social Policy told how IDPs can receive 12 thousand hryvnias
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The Ministry of Social Policy told who can issue this payment.

If a forced migrant has never received assistance for living since March or April, but moved to safer regions, he is entitled to payments from the state, depending on when the person left. This was reported in the Ministry of Social Policy.

At the beginning of a full-scale invasion, due to the large number of applications (for granting IDP status and providing assistance with living - ed.), Some remained unprocessed. Now people can receive all this money at the same time, the Ministry of Social Policy reported.

All payments are made through "Diya" or in the bodies of social protection of the population at the new place of residence. If you have never received a payment, you need to reapply, indicating that you have been claiming funds for several months and have never received them. In the system, all this is easy to check, so be sure that the funds will be paid to you. Since 2,000 hryvnias are paid per adult, people can receive 12,000 hryvnias in six months. In the case of children and persons with disabilities, the amount is higher, because they should receive 3,000 hryvnia per month, the ministry said.

Recall, the Ministry of Reintegration updated the list of communities for the payment of state assistance to IDPs for living

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