Ukraine plans to switch to alternative heating sources by next year

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By the next heating season, Ukraine plans to completely abandon the use of natural gas for heating

They plan to heat it following the example of Zhytomyr: biomass, garbage.

Yuriy Vitrenko, head of the board of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, spoke about this at a briefing in Zhytomyr.

The experience of Zhytomyr shows that in most cases, it is possible to switch from natural gas to heating by the next heating season, for example, to biomass or garbage. In addition to learning from this positive experience, we are working with the city of Zhytomyr on three projects to produce heat and electricity from biomass. In this case, this is biomass and RDF (refuse-derived fuel, solid secondary fuel, in fact - household waste - ed.). It is economically and environmentally beneficial,” Vitrenko noted.

In Zhytomyr, they plan to build three thermal power plants that will operate on solid secondary fuel.

We raise funds for this from international partners. Such projects are technically and economically sound and help ensure that all energy is sustainable in the future. We must also realize for ourselves how important it is to switch from natural gas to biomass, alternative sources, and heat pumps as soon as possible. Because at the market price for gas, the payback period for such projects is 2-3 months, Vitrenko explained.

Vitrenko said that Ukraine wants to install equipment that will then work for many years on local raw materials, and this is the development of local businesses and the creation of jobs.

Vitrenko also noted that now the state is 90% ready for the heating season.

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