Iran may transfer combat drones to Russia

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Iran is preparing to transfer military drones to Russia, - White House

As early as this month, Iran is preparing to train the Russian military to use combat drones.

Hromadske writes about this with reference to US national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

According to Sullivan, Russia turned to Iran for help: it asks for hundreds of drones, including combat ones, for the war in Ukraine. Sullivan says it is not yet known whether Iran provided any drones to Russia.

But despite this, Iran is preparing to teach Russian troops to use these vehicles as early as this month.

This is not the first time Iran has cooperated with the Russians against the backdrop of a full-scale war in Ukraine. At the end of May, Iranian Minister of Trade and Industry Reza Fatemi Amin said that Iran and Russia could conclude major barter agreements: Tehran plans to import steel from Russia in exchange for the export of auto parts and gas turbines.

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