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Reasons why you may be denied IDP status
14:37, 12.07.2022

With the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the number of internally displaced persons exceeded 8 million

According to the website of the Fakti channel, in order to receive state and international financial assistance, the majority of Ukrainians have applied for IDP status. But not everyone who submitted their data was granted this displaced person status.

There are cases when a person may be denied IDP status.

You may not be given an IDP certificate if:

  • there are no circumstances that led to internal displacement;
  • public authorities have information that confirms that you deliberately provided false data in order to obtain IDP status;
  • you lost your identity documents (passport) - however, after their restoration, a certificate can be obtained;
  • you are not officially registered in the territory of the region from which you left - for example, if you are registered in Lviv, but lived in Kharkiv, from which you left as an IDP, you may not be given a certificate of a displaced person;
  • you do not have evidence that would confirm your residence in the territory from which you made the transfer.

If you have been denied IDP status, you can appeal this decision. You must apply to the District Administrative Court.

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