In Transcarpathia, trying to escape to Romania, a man drowned

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Trying to escape to Romania, a man drowned in Transcarpathia

Trying to illegally cross the border and get into Romania, a 30-year-old man drowned in Transcarpathia.

According to the Western Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine, the border guards of the Bolshoi Bychkov department found three border violators. The men, seeing the law enforcement officers, decided to swim across the Tisa.

The river is full-flowing now, and one violator managed to cope with its rapid course, having reached Romania alive, - the message says.

It is noted that the body of his 30-year-old companion was found near the Romanian coast during joint search activities, in which the border guards of Ukraine and Romania, as well as the rescuers of the State Emergency Service of the state fire and rescue post in the village of Bolshoy Bychkov, took part. The fate of another border violator is still unknown, the border guards report.

It is reported that since the beginning of May, the border guards of the Mukachevo detachment have detained about two dozen men liable for military service who were trying to illegally cross the border.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, five cases of death of men have been recorded in the detachment’s area while trying to illegally get abroad in dangerous river or mountain areas.


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