In the morning, the occupiers shelled Kharkov and Nikolaev

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On the night of August 18-19, Russian troops fired on Nikolaev and Kharkov
Alexander Senkevich/Telegram

In Kharkov, three districts of the city were fired at the same time. In Nikolaev, civilian infrastructure was shelled.

In Kharkov, shelled: Kyiv, Osnovyansky and Nemyshlyansky districts. This was announced by the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov in Telegram. In Nikolaev, the invaders fired again at the university. Mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich informed about it.

In one case, we have a hit in a residential building, previously without casualties. There is also an arrival at an infrastructure facility. There is a fire there,” writes Igor Terekhov.

At 4 am, the Russians hit Nikolaev: the mayor reported powerful explosions. Later he reported on the strikes with S-300 missiles.

Rashists fired again at our Mogilyanka. Again, two S-300 missiles. Emergency crews and utilities are working on the spot,” Senkevich said.

Recall that on the night of August 18-19, explosions were reported in Kerch and Sevastopol.

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