Russia launched a missile attack on Nikolaev

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Russia shelled Nikolaev. university destroyed

At night, two rockets flew into one of the higher places of the city.

This was announced by the mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich.

Rashists fired at another university in Mykolaiv - our Mogilyanka. Just a few days ago, I published a video and showed that there was no military base there. Ordinary university specialists work there: they accept applicants' documents, sign bypass letters, and issue diplomas. Two Russian missiles landed there tonight. These are real terrorists who, under the guise of their propaganda, continue to destroy our educational institutions cynically, he said.

According to Sienkiewicz, there was only a security guard at the university at the time of the shelling. He didn't get hurt.

In addition, adjacent buildings were damaged by the shock wave.

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