France may supply Ukraine with Leclerc tanks

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Macron has not ruled out handing over France tanks to Ukraine

France says it is working on it.

French President Emmanuel Macron said this at a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Paris, saying:

"Regarding Leclerc, I have asked the minister of the armed forces to work on this. Nothing is ruled out and it is indeed assessed collectively.

Scholz, for his part, said that he would work further with the coalition on the supply of Leopard tanks. So far, Germany has only approved the transfer of tanks to Ukraine by third countries. It does not want to supply us with its own tanks yet.

It is worth recalling that earlier this month France, Germany and the USA promised to provide French AMX-10 RC light tanks, 40 German Marder BMPs and 50 Bradley fighting vehicles.

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