EU plans to impose new sanctions against Russia as early as next week

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Overview of international events through the prism of the war in Ukraine on April 22

We bring to your attention today's (04/22/22) review of international events through the prism of the war in Ukraine, made by the editors of Sotsportal.


1. The United States has started supplying multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine and is working with other NATO allies to get Ukraine more rocket systems.
2. France will supply Ukraine with a batch of Milan anti-tank missiles and Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts.
3. The German Chancellor explained why the Bundeswehr cannot give heavy weapons to Ukraine
4. In the German city of Stuttgart, there is a task force, which includes representatives of Ukraine, which organizes the delivery of weapons and ammunition to the Ukrainian army to fight the Russian invasion.

Main : Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmihal and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin discussed issues related to military support for Ukraine at a meeting in Washington.



1. By the end of this year, the Netherlands will completely stop buying Russian gas and Russian coal.
2. Ukraine has applied to the Secretariat of the Energy Community, the European Union and the member countries of the Energy Readiness Treaty with a proposal to impose a ban on the import of energy resources from Russia.
3. Australia imposed sanctions against another 147 Russian citizens due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine - in the list, in particular, Putin's daughter and the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
4. Andrey Yermak: Sanctions against Russia should be such that they will force her to stop this terrible war

The main thing : the European Union plans to introduce new sanctions against Russia as early as next week - Russian oil and banks will become the new targets of Brussels.



1. The European Union is responding to the difficult situation in Mariupol by demanding the opening of humanitarian corridors from Azovstal and other parts of the city to other parts of Ukraine.
2. Next week, Western defense ministers will meet in Germany, where they plan to discuss support for Ukraine to strengthen its defense capability in the near and long term.
3. US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland explained why, after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the United States helps Ukraine resist and provides weapons, whereas in 2014, when the Russian Federation occupied Crimea, they did not.
4. UN Secretary General António Guterres will visit Moscow on April 25 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The main thing: Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said that Ukraine must win the war with Russia, and he is convinced that this will happen.



1. Starting from April 22, the part of the street where the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic is located is officially called Ukrainian Heroes.
2. More than 10,000 Poles have already declared their readiness to donate blood for Ukrainians, if the need arises.
3. The second batch of fire and rescue equipment from France arrived in Ukraine.
4. Citizens of Ukraine who, due to the war, were forced or are still planning to leave for Poland, can receive all the necessary information about leaving, documents, free assistance on the UA HELP website or via the UAHelpBot telegram bot.

Highlights: The Czech Republic and eight other countries hardest hit by the refugee crisis will seek EU financial assistance to ensure that available and additional resources are used effectively.

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