British intelligence claims that after Lysichansk the fighting will be just as grueling

Russia after the capture of the Luhansk region, will go on the offensive in the direction of Donetsk
Читати українською

The battle for Donbass will be stubborn and exhausting, says British intelligence

This is reported by the edition, citing reports from the British Ministry of Defense.

Thus, the British military department claims that Russia, after the capture of Lisichansk, will proceed to the offensive on the Donetsk region

Moreover, the fighting in this direction will be just as exhausting.

It is also noted that the Russian invasion continues to have a devastating impact on the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

"After retreating from Serpent's Island, a Black Sea outpost, Russia misleadingly claimed that 'the ball is on Ukraine's side' in terms of improving grain exports. In fact, it is Russian interference in Ukraine's agricultural sector that continues to exacerbate the global food crisis," the report says.

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