Britain announces new aid package for Ukraine

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Britain announced its readiness to expand the package of assistance to Ukraine

The Ukrainian government intends to block the lack of funds for state employees with this money.

The UK is ready to provide another $525 million in loan guarantees to Ukraine to provide World Bank funds at the end of the year. These funds should reimburse Ukraine's expenses on public sector wages. This was reported by the press service of the British government.

Thus, Britain intends to minimize the risks when Ukraine faces the problem that state employees simply have nothing to pay salaries with, the document says.

The press release clarifies that the loans will cover Ukraine's expenses for:

  • public sector wages
  • maintenance of schools
  • hospital funding.

Together with the new package, the total amount of UK financial support allocated this year, including loan guarantees, is $1.5 billion , and combined economic and humanitarian assistance is $1.8 billion.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the issue of Ukraine is a matter of principle for him. He stressed that the defeat in aid to Ukraine could be the reason for his resignation.

Recall that during a visit to Kyiv, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested that Zelensky begin an extensive training operation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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