British intelligence reports depletion of Russian resources

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Russia continues to use old ammunition for shelling the territory of Ukraine

Despite the quantitative advantage, Russia still cannot boast of great success in the Donbas

According to the Ukrayinska Pravda publication, citing a review of British intelligence, the nature and results of the use of their forces indicate the increasing depletion of the resource of Russian forces.

In addition, the report says that during the latest series of missile strikes across Ukraine, old Soviet Kh-22 missiles and more modern Kh-101 missiles fired from the airspace of Russia and Belarus were highly likely to be used.

These weapons are designed to defeat targets of strategic importance, but Russia continues to use them in large numbers to gain tactical superiority. Likewise, the Russians brought together the main elements of six different armies, but were only able to achieve tactical success at Severodonetsk. The armed forces of the Russian Federation are becoming more and more depleted, the review notes.

At the same time, the Ukrainian military continues to wreak havoc on Russian command centers with successful strikes far behind enemy lines.

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