Indian summer: heat will soon return to Ukraine

When will Indian summer start in Ukraine?
Читати українською

Forecasters predict up to +34 degrees.

Heat will return to Ukraine in the last week of September. This is evidenced by the forecasts of the weather site Ventusky.

September 27:

south and Crimea: air in Ukraine will warm up to +25...+26;

central Ukraine: +18…+24 degrees;

north, northwest, east: +18...+24 degrees;

it will be coolest in Transcarpathia - +9...+11 degrees.

September 28:

thermometers in a significant part of Ukraine (purple zone on the map) will rise to +26...+34 degrees;

In the eastern and central regions - +21 ... +25 degrees;

in Sumy and western regions - +12...+15;

in Transcarpathia - +7...+11 degrees.

September 29:

hot weather will continue in the south, southeast and east of Ukraine.

+19...+24 degrees is expected in the central part of the country;

north, northwest, east: +18...+24 degrees;

September 30th:

southern and southeastern regions - +25...+32 degrees;

in the center - +16...+23 degrees;

in the north and west +13...+15 degrees above zero

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