High-ranking officials of leading countries demanded the immediate de-occupation of ZNPP

Officials of leading countries called for the withdrawal of troops from the ZNPP
Читати українською

Officials of the leading countries of the world issued a joint statement on threats to the safety of civilian nuclear facilities in Ukraine.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ukraine, high officials from the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, the United States, as well as the High Representative of the EU demanded the de-occupation of the ZNPP. The appeal document is published on the website of the European External Action Service.

We emphasize that the significant risk of a nuclear incident will remain dangerously high as long as Russia maintains its presence at the ZNPP site; The Russian Federation must immediately withdraw its troops from the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine and respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Just in case Russia holds any shameful "referenda" in the occupied territories of Ukraine, we confirm that this will not have any legal or political effect, including the status of the ZNPP, the report says.

The officials who signed the document expressed their readiness to further support the efforts of the IAEA to withdraw troops from the WEAEU in Ukraine with full respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine.

We welcome the IAEA mission of support and assistance at the Zaporozhye NPP and respect the courage and determination of the IAEA Director General and his team in carrying out this important mission. We support efforts to continue the IAEA's presence at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in order to support Ukraine, and remain ready to provide assistance on nuclear safety and security, and in achieving the goals of the IAEA mission, if necessary, the document says.

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