About 10-15 thousand Belarusians are ready to fight against Ukraine, - AFU General Staff

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How many Belarusians are ready to fight against Ukraine: data from the AFU General Staff
Ukrainian Truth

Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov, deputy head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has made this statement.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that 10,000-15,000 Belarusian law enforcers were ready to fight against Ukraine. It is noted that they are motivated by money. At the same time, the overall readiness of the Belarusian armed forces to conduct independent military actions is assessed as low.

About 10,000 to 15,000 personnel of the Belarusian security forces are ready to take part in the so-called special military operation of the Russian Federation. First of all, because of the appeal of high salaries," he noted.

At the same time, Gromov stressed, the readiness of the Belarusian military to conduct independent offensive actions is weak, and their moral and psychological state is at a low level.

As a reminder, Belarusian opposition activist Svetlana Tikhanovskaya told Corriere della Sera that some 1,500 Belarusians are fighting on the side of Ukraine against the Russian Federation.

When the war started, many in Belarus thought it was necessary to help Ukrainians, so battalions were organized. Now there are about 1,500 people. They are different in different cities, under the supervision of the Ukrainian army," she wrote.

Tihanovskaya noted that now many people in Belarus have no military experience, but want to help Ukraine and are now studying in other countries, but she can't say how many and where. According to her, the number of Belarusian fighters on the side of Ukraine will probably grow

According to Tikhanovskaya, Alexander Lukashenko gave an order to Belarusian troops to attack in Ukraine, but the highest echelon of officers did not carry it out.

Tikhanovskaya assured that 86% of Belarusians oppose the participation of Belarusians in the war of Russia against Ukraine and recalled the rail partisans who stopped Russian trains on the territory of Belarus.

Our military volunteers are fighting in Ukraine, 15 of them were killed. Now the Belarusian battalion is also taking part in the Ukrainian counter-offensive in pursuit of the invaders," added the Belarusian opposition activist.

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