AFU strikes enemy hospital in Luhansk Region

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AFU strikes occupier's VIP hospital in Luhansk Region
13:20, 22.01.2023

Brutal fighting with the enemy continues in Donbass.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have carried out a targeted attack on a hospital that the occupiers had set up in a preventive clinic of a machine-building plant in occupied Kadiyivka (Stakhanov), Luhansk Region. The hospital was secret and exclusively used to treat Kadyrovites, StratCom of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has noted.

Luhansk Region- Occupied Stakhanov aka Kadiyivka Yesterday, a high-precision weaponry strike was launched against the former preventorium of a machine-building plant - the report reads.

No enemy casualties were reported.

We would like to point out that Ukrainian defenders in Luhansk Region stopped another attempted offensive by Russian troops near Kreminna, repulsing an attack by the occupants.

Institute for the Study of War experts suggest that Russian troops are preparing an offensive in Luhansk

ISW: Russian troops prepare for "decisive action" in Luhansk Region

13:45, 29.12.22
Lyudmila Troitskaya
Lyudmila Troitskaya
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