AFU surrendered a group of prisoners from the Wagner PMC

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A group of criminals from the Wagner PMC surrendered to the Ukrainians
10:25, 25.12.2022

There may be some 50,000 prisoners recruited by the Wagner PMC on Ukrainian territory.

A group of mercenaries from the Wagner PMC has surrendered to the Ukrainian military in the east of Ukraine, the AFU's StratCom has reported, publishing a video of interrogation of the captives.

The published video captures at least six captives of the Russian occupants. One of the captives says that he was convicted of murder and theft. The fighters clarify: is it at the same time. To this, the captor answers in the affirmative.

He also says that he came to Ukraine from a camp in the Russian town of Orenburg. Before that he served his sentence in the eighth penal colony (IK-8)

According to the White House, Russian oligarch and founder of the Wagner PMC Evgeny Prigozhin has sent 50,000 fighters to Ukraine. Most of the Wagnerians are now fighting near Bakhmut.

Russian MP suggests Prigozhin to recruit women prisoners for war against Ukraine

Russian MP proposes to recruit female prisoners for Wagner PMC

19:15, 22.12.22
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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