Vitaly Kim warns of new strikes on Ukraine's energy system

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Russians may continue to attack Ukraine's power grid - Kim

You should stock up on water, food and charge your electronic devices.

The enemy will continue to attack the Ukrainian energy system, so it is necessary to stock up on water, charge your pavibanks and plan actions in case there is no connection, Vitaliy Kim, head of the Mykolayiv UIA, said in a video message.

We are expecting that bad people will attack our electricity again. We are ready to defend ourselves. We are preparing information about water where and how to be found. I appeal to everyone - make yourself a water reserve, charge your pawerbans, think about communication, agree with relatives, what to do if there is no communication

Kim also appealed to volunteers and farmers. He asked the former to focus on diesel generators, on the water supply to help people

Farmers and businesses were asked by the OBA chief to help people, village councils:

We must show that we are united. The Russians keep threatening that they will attack our power system, we must be ready

After Russian shelling, Kyiv is 70% without electricity

Vitali Klitschko: Kyiv 70% without electricity, water so far only on left bank

10:15, 24.11.22
Artur Zayonts
Artur Zayonts
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