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Ukrposhta issued a new "Odessa" stamp
14:35, 03.09.2022

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrposhta began to issue patriotic stamps.

Ukrposhta has issued a new stamp with the image of the first Odessa mayor Duc de Richelieu. This is reported in the official Telegram channel of Odessa.

The stamp is called "Odessa", it was released for the birthday of the city.

The leadership of the city, region and regional directorate of Ukrposhta carried out the procedure for canceling the stamp, the message says.

Cancellation of a stamp is the cancellation of a stamp with a special postmark in connection with a memorable date.

Note that the locals considered Duke de Richelieu the founder of Odessa. Under his leadership, the city turned into a major trading port. Under him, prestigious educational institutions appeared in Odessa, a theater was built, and the city's population quadrupled.

The story goes that he was a Frenchman who arrived in Odessa in 1803. After many years of work as a mayor, in 1814 he left Odessa and became Prime Minister of France under King Louis XVIII.

Ukrposhta will issue the country's first official charity stamp

On August 30, Ukrposhta will issue a stamp "Dog Patron"

15:20, 29.08.22
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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