Ukraine declares massive air-raid alert from the morning of 18 March

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Saturday morning, 18 March, air-raid alert sounds again in all regions of Ukraine

The Russians have lifted their MiG in Belarus.

In the morning of 18 March, an air alert was announced across Ukraine. It is linked to the takeoff in Belarus of a Russian MiG-31K fighter jet, which may be the carrier of a Kynzhal missile. This is evidenced by the aerial alert maps.

In turn, the monitoring group Belaruski Hayun reported in its Telegram channel that the Russian Air Force MiG-31K took off from the Machulischy airfield.

08:56. Baranovichi airfield. Take-off of the escort fighter. 09:00. Machulishchi airfield. Russian Air Force MiG-31K taking off," the message reads.

Do not ignore the danger, go to shelters.

Note that the MiG-31K is a potential carrier of the Kh-47m2 "Dagger" hypersonic missile, which our air defenses cannot intercept. Because of this, an alert has been issued for all regions of Ukraine.

It is known that last night Russian troops attacked Ukraine with Iranian Shaheds. However, air defence forces destroyed 11 of the 16 drones launched.

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15:00, 13.03.23
Evgenia Ruban
Evgenia Ruban
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