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It has been revealed what the allies will discuss at the next meeting in Ramstein

The next Ramstein meeting is scheduled for mid-February.

The next meeting of the allies in Germany's Ramstein is scheduled for mid-February, when the sides will discuss a number of important decisions for Ukraine. Among them are deliveries of tanks and aircraft to Ukraine.

Andrei Sibiga, deputy head of the Office of the President, said this in a TV marathon.

"In my firm conviction, and I am sure we will all be convinced of this, this Ramstein will create a new reality. I am also convinced that we can unofficially call it the 'armoured Ramstein'," Sibiga said.

He expressed confidence that Ukraine will get the necessary armaments from Western partners.

"And we also hope very much. And today the president voiced it during his speech that the next Ramstein will be aviation," the OP deputy head stressed.

We would like to point out that the Ukrainian Defence Contact Group held a meeting at the US base Ramstein in Germany on 20 January, after which it announced a new support package from the allies. In particular, it included air defence equipment and missiles to it, APCs, BMPs, off-road vehicles, helicopters, howitzers, self-propelled artillery units, shells and British tanks.

On Ramstein-8, Germany has so far refused to hand over heavy tanks to Ukraine

Germany's new defence minister has not agreed to supply tanks to Ukraine at Ramstein-8

20:45, 20.01.23
Lyudmila Troitskaya
Lyudmila Troitskaya
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