UN confirms sexual abuse of children by Russian military

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UN commission confirms sexual abuse of children by Russians
16:37, 27.01.2023

The occupiers committed violence against Ukrainian children.

Yasminka Dzhumhur, Bosnia and Herzegovina's Commissioner for Human Rights and a member of the UN International Commission of Inquiry on Violations in Ukraine, spoke about the established facts of sexual violence against children by the Russian military in an interview with Radio Liberty.

We have registered several crimes against children, including a wide range of sexual abuse," Jasminka Dzhumhur said.

The UN Commission also has information on the smuggling of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Ukrainian children are still there. The return of these children is reportedly still being addressed. After all, in many cases the biological parents reside in Ukraine.

The UN Commission will reportedly release a comprehensive report on human rights violations and crimes committed by Russia during the war against Ukraine in March.

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