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10:50, 01.04.2023

Russian troops are attacking simultaneously on four fronts.

Russian invaders fail to capture Bakhmut and also try to encircle Avdeevka. This was reported by Deputy Defence Minister Anna Malyar.

According to her, the occupiers in Bakhmut have had little variable success.

They are trying to move towards the central part of the city, and have insignificant variable successes in some areas," the deputy defence minister said.

She stressed that the enemy cannot capture the entire city - tough battles continue around it and in Bakhmut itself.

The enemy is conducting offensives near Avdeevka in order to encircle the city and block supply routes. In addition, fighting continues in Bilohorivka and Marinka," Malyar added.

As previously reported by the Tavria troop grouping in Telegram, the Russians are not stopping their attempts to encircle Avdeevka. In doing so, they are using Wagner PMC assault groups, shelling the city with artillery and aviation, and using armoured vehicles.

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Evgenia Ruban
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