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Deputy defence minister addresses Ukrainians on counteroffensive
15:50, 25.03.2023

There are only a few people who can make an official statement about the situation on the front - Malyar.

Ukrainians should not discuss details of the counterattack online so as not to disturb the military. Deputy Defence Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar has made a statement to this effect.

She stressed that public discussion of the Ukrainian military's plans might harm the liberation of territories.

It is a good thing that no one discussed the counteroffensive in Kharkiv Region in a public forum before it started. And the war zone was completely closed to access by anyone other than the military. Then the most successful operation during the full-scale invasion in terms of the intensity of liberating our territories was realised. The silence gave the military time to do their job," Malyar wrote.

Malyar stressed that only three people in Ukraine have the right to make public the strategic military plans and designs of the Ukrainian armed forces. Among them:

  • Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Volodymyr Zelensky;
  • Minister of Defence - Oleksiy Reznikov;
  • Commander-in-Chief of the AFU - Valeriy Zaluzhniy.

At the same time, others can only quote them.

Malyar stressed that at this time it was important not to discuss counterattack issues with any experts and not to publish information in blogs about the army's plans.

She noted that the main plan of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had been known for a long time - to liberate territories, while its details "should remain a secret".

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