Lithuania is preparing for a new flow of Ukrainian refugees

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Lithuania predicts new influx of Ukrainian refugees in autumn

Western Ukraine will not be able to accept everyone.

In Lithuania, they believe that their country is waiting for a new influx of Ukrainian refugees. A new wave of migration is expected there in mid-October, writes Delfi .

According to the representative of the Lithuanian Red Cross, Luka Leskauskaite, with the onset of autumn-winter, another 60,000 Ukrainian refugees may arrive in the country - the same number as they are in Lithuania now.

She noted that in autumn people will find themselves in a hopeless situation, when it will be cold outside, the heating will not work, and western Ukraine will no longer accommodate everyone who leaves their homes in the south and east of Ukraine.

At the same time, Leskauskaite expressed concern that many newcomers to Lithuania will have nowhere to live and will have to be accommodated in hangars or similar premises.

Cots, mattresses, centralized food, portable showers, toilets. Of course, I'm improvising, but we won't be able to offer the conditions that were offered in the spring. The situation needs to be assessed realistically, she said.

Representatives of the Red Cross added that difficult times await Lithuania and analysts predict a rise in the price of energy resources and products in the fall. in addition, as she noted, the people themselves have already begun to respond less to other people's pain and it is no longer worth expecting great support from the local population.

It should be noted that in Lithuania, Ukrainian refugees who received temporary protection and rented housing can apply for a one-time settlement allowance (from 516 euros and more, depending on the number of family members). Wages in Lithuania range from the minimum (600 euros) to 2,000 euros. On average, a Ukrainian working in the country earns about 900 euros.

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