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It will be possible to pay for travel in public transport in Kyiv in a new way

Citizens asked for a change in the rules of the mayor's passage.

It will be possible to pay for travel in the capital's public transport by card. The townspeople asked the mayor about this and signed the corresponding petition. The authorities of Kyiv supported her. Now, to ride in a trolleybus, tram or bus, it is enough to have a bank card. This is reported in the section "Petitions" on the website of the KSCA.

The author of the petition - Alexander Sheiko noted that often there is simply nowhere to buy a ticket for transport. There is no paper ticket at stops, in the cabin.

In addition, a ticket in the Kyiv Digital application is an unreliable means of payment, since it requires a charged smartphone and an Internet connection. And it is not advisable for guests of the capital to buy a transport card for several trips, the petition says.

Vitali Klitschko, in response to the petition, said that the issue of introducing and ensuring the possibility of paying for travel by bank card, as well as by other carriers of an electronic ticket, is assigned to the operator of the Automated Fare Payment System (ASOP).

ASOP technical means, which are currently installed in the rolling stock of public transport and at the stations of the high-speed tram of the Kyivpasstrans utility company, are technically ready to accept payment for travel by bank cards, the head of the city added.

It should be noted that public transport in Kyiv has returned to its usual schedule: the metro is open until 22:00, and surface transport - until 22:30. At the same time, the subway in shelter mode operates around the clock.

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