In Germany Ukrainians are settled in tents and gyms

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In tents and school gyms: where Ukrainians are being housed in Germany

In Germany, there is virtually no normal free housing left for Ukrainian refugees. People are housed in tents and school gymnasiums.

This was reported by the BBC.

A million Ukrainians fled to Germany after February 24. There is nowhere else to put them.

At an old airfield on the outskirts of Berlin, almost a thousand people are sleeping in huge heated tents.

Against the backdrop of a cold spell and the shelling of Ukrainian energy infrastructure by the Russians, German authorities are predicting the arrival of another 10,000 refugees from Ukraine.

Around 100 Ukrainians arrive daily at the city's main refugee reception centre in Berlin, located in the terminal of the former Tegel airport.

Workers in brightly coloured waistcoats lead them past inoperable luggage carousels to old waiting rooms, which are now filled with folding tables with belongings. There is food, medical care and sleeping space for several nights," the article said.

All this is designed for temporary accommodation. But many will stay here for a long time: Ukrainians are finding it increasingly difficult to find permanent housing. Strangers are forced to sleep on bunks in shared cubicles or tents.

I expect tens, if not hundreds of thousands more Ukrainian women and children... There are already more migrants living in many communities than during the 2015-2016 crisis," CDU politician Frederik Pohl wrote in the Welt newspaper.

The atmosphere in the community is becoming increasingly tense. Authorities have reportedly recorded 65 attacks on refugee housing this year, significantly more than last year.

It should be recalled that housing problems for Ukrainians are not only in Germany, but also in Ireland.

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