Rallies against mobilization began in Dagestan

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In Dagestan, women attacked policemen protesting against sending men to the front

In Dagestan, the rebellion against mobilization is gaining momentum.

In the Khasavyurt district, residents blocked the federal highway in Dagestan, protesting against the mobilization. The police opened fire in the air. The protesters do not disperse, reports Kavkaz.Realii.

The Tut Dagestan channel writes that 110 people were called up from the village for mobilization, including those who had recently returned from the army.

Partial mobilization in Russia began on 21 September. The authorities have announced plans to recruit 300,000 reservists who have served and have combat experience. However, according to the media, the rules are trying to gather more than a million people. As the press notes, the army is also taking the old, the sick, and those with many children without military experience. Such actions by the Kremlin sparked protests across the country. However, the police and the National Guard beat those who went to the rallies and handed them subpoenas.

Many Russians are trying to escape the country, including illegally crossing the border. The "sofa" patriots refused to fight yesterday and preferred to run.

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14:15, 23.09.22
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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