Ukrainian border guards turned to the mobilized Russians and promised to kill defending the land

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Border guards warned the Russians that they would kill defending their land

The mobilized Russians have two ways to survive - the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The border guards of Ukraine turned to the Russians, who have already been called up, and to those who may fall under mobilization. The Ukrainians urged them to do everything possible not to go to war and thereby save their lives.

In the same case, if it was not possible to avoid being sent to the front, the Ukrainian defenders advise to surrender. At the same time, they pointed to the growing losses of the enemy and noted that they would not give the enemy even a meter of Ukrainian land.

Citizens of Russia, your "special military operation" has dragged on for three days. And your bunker leader announced disposal, sorry, mobilization. But during the seven months of the war, you should have understood that we will not give you a single meter of our land. 60 thousand of your compatriots successfully fertilize the Ukrainian black soil, and no matter how much meat comes to Ukraine, this will not change anything. Remember how on the day of victory you went out with the slogan "We can repeat". Well, now you have such an opportunity, but we have bad news for you - with a high degree of probability you will return home in a black package, but there is also good news - your wife, mother or father will receive a white Lada. There is another option - avoid mobilization, or surrender, the choice is yours, the appeal says.

Note that the Russians finally lost control over the strategically important city of Liman, Donetsk region. According to preliminary estimates of British intelligence, the city was defended by understaffed units of the Western and Central military districts of Russia, as well as those mobilized during the last wave.

Operationally, the Liman is important, as control of it means control of a key crossing over the Seversky Donets River, beyond which Russia is trying to strengthen its defenses, according to a Sunday intelligence review by the UK Department of Defense.

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