Ukraine asks EU to protect refugees from double taxation

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Ukraine will send all EU tax authorities with a request to apply the "covid precedent"
STS Lviv region

Ukraine will send a request to apply the "180 days tax residency rule" to the EU countries.

In the conditions of war, many Ukrainians are not in the countries of their tax residency. Ukraine will ask the EU not to apply the "180 days tax residence rule" to refugees. The appeal was accepted at the meeting of the Economic Headquarters under the Ministry of Economy. This was reported by Mikhail Kukhar on Facebook.

The appeal will be signed by First Vice Prime Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko, who heads the Economic Headquarters and approved such a proposal.

Kukhar said that changes to the instructions of the National Bank and the tax service would also be made so that Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs would have the opportunity to open accounts in foreign banks.

Earlier, the European Business Association called on the government to resolve the issue of tax residency of Ukrainian citizens abroad, since, being outside the country for more than 183 days, they can be recognized as residents of the host country and there will be a risk of double taxation.

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