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Vereshchuk: Ukraine preparing to evacuate population from liberated Kherson
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Mykolaiv will help to transport people and will provide them with temporary shelter.

The deputy prime minister and minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories, Iryna Vereshchuk, said this during a visit to Mykolaiv on Saturday, 19 November.

Vereshchuk stressed that we are not talking about mandatory evacuation yet:

But voluntary evacuation is also about the state taking responsibility for transportation - people need to be taken to the place where they will spend the winter, accommodation, funding for this bed, treatment, providing children with everything they need.

The minister noted:

Many have expressed a desire to evacuate. They say, for example, that their areas have suffered from shelling. There are many older people there who cannot cope by themselves. They need help to evacuate. And our task will be to reach those people, offer them evacuation, with the help of the Mykolaiv region proper, which is ready and has experience, transport, and then already from Mykolaiv or Krivoy Rog transport people to the western regions. And also Kirovograd region, Khmelnitsky region, Poltava region - all waiting for our Kherson people who want to evacuate

Several options for evacuation are already being worked out with the head of Mykolaiv OVA Vitaliy Kim.

Vitaly Kim, head of the Mykolaiv OVA, added that groups of Kherson residents can be placed in temporary accommodation centres in Mykolaiv until they decide where to send them next.

After the Russians fled, the occupiers started shelling Kherson and other settlements on the right bank of the Dnieper river.

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