Ukraine has a corridor for the export of agricultural products

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In the Odessa region opened the passage of ships for the export of agricultural products

The mouth of the Danube became available for the export of agricultural products.

Thanks to the liberation of Snake Island from the Russian troops, Ukraine has the opportunity to use the mouth of the Danube to export agricultural products. This was reported in the press service of the state enterprise Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine.

Now civilian ships can transport agricultural products through this channel, the Administration specified.

They also noted that many vessels have already accumulated that can use the corridor.

Taking into account the liberation of Zmeiny Island from Russian troops and the accumulation of a large number of ships waiting for the passage of the Sulina Canal, it is possible to use the canal of the mouth of the Bystroe ship passage Danube-Black Sea for the entry / exit of ships carrying agricultural products, the publication says.

Recall that the Russian invaders seized the Ukrainian island of Serpents in the Black Sea in the early days of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. On June 30, after fire strikes by Ukrainian missile and artillery units on Zmeiny Island, the Russian military left the island. In Russia, they called the withdrawal of troops from the snake "a gesture of good will."

Russian occupiers continue to block ports and exacerbate the global food crisis. Because of this, the export of agricultural products from Ukraine in 2022 will fall by 65% compared to last year.

Ukraine is the world's leading grain exporter, and international aid agencies are warning that countries in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere will face acute food shortages if Ukrainian grain is not delivered on time.

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