Turkish newspaper reveals how Azov swap with Medvedchuk took place

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Turkish publication reveals details of Azov prisoners' exchange for Viktor Medvedchuk

According to the newspaper, the prisoner exchange negotiations took place on Turkish territory.

We shall remind you that at the end of September, a prisoner exchange took place during which 215 Ukrainian citizens and several foreigners were returned to Ukraine. Among them were the commanders of the Azov regiment. Viktor Medvedchuk himself was exchanged for 55 people.

Turkish newspaper Hurriyet provided details on how the exchange took place.

According to the newspaper, the initiative for the exchange came from the Russian side, while the negotiations themselves took place in Ankara and were organized by Turkey's National Intelligence Organization.

The exchange also took place partially on the territory of this state. Two planes flew to Ankara airport for this purpose: from Russia with five captive Azov commanders and from Ukraine with Medvedchuk. Before the exchange, representatives of the Ukrainian side boarded the Russian plane, while those of the Russian side boarded the Ukrainian one.

The newspaper also said that one of Russia's demands was that the Azov commanders stay in Turkey.

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