Victor Medvedchuk's daughter, Putin's goddaughter, is studying at a university in Moscow

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Victor Medvedchuk's daughter, Putin's goddaughter, lives and studies in Moscow

Victor Medvedchuk's daughter is doing very poorly in her studies and is constantly threatened with expulsion.

We shall remind you that in September, Medvedchuk, who was accused of treason, was exchanged for captured Ukrainians. Ukraine then exchanged 215 people for Medvedchuk and 55 other Russian servicemen, including the commanders of the Azov regiment.

Since then, the whereabouts of Medvedchuk and his family have not been known, although there was some information in local publicity boards, as if he had been seen in a restaurant in Crimea.

The Russian publication Meduza, together with the University Transparency Lab, found out that Viktor Medvedchuk, with his wife, former Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Marchenko, and 19-year-old daughter Daria, were most likely living in Moscow.

In 2004, Vladimir Putin became Daria's godfather and Svetlana Medvedeva (Dmitry Medvedev's wife) became her godmother. Thus, Medvedchuk became the Russian president's kinsman.

Since last August, Daria Medvedchuk is currently studying in Moscow at the "Higher School of Business" of the Higher School of Economics, specializing in business management. She was enrolled there under a special procedure for foreigners (as a Ukrainian citizen). This method of admission allows foreign nationals to avoid taking the USE - instead they must pass the internal university entrance exams.

Interestingly, in early 2022 her father said that Daria had enrolled at the University of Geneva and planned to go to Switzerland, but her visa was cancelled two days before she was due to study.

By the way, there are two other students from Ukraine studying with Daria Medvedchuk. They are the children of fathers close to Medvedchuk himself. One of them is Vitaliy Kosovskiy, a well-known archpriest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Another student's father is Dmitriy Shust, a board member of the Victor Medvedchuk Charitable Foundation and former head of investment company Ukrkapital, which is now run by Medvedchuk's wife Oksana Marchenko.

Interestingly, all three almost got expelled from the university in the summer - they failed their exams - and all three submitted fake certificates from the clinic. Normally, such students would face immediate expulsion. But, according to Meduza's source, the administration started receiving threatening calls from strangers. They posed as "parents' representatives" of students and urged them to stop the expulsion procedure because it allegedly "ruins students' lives and fortunes".

But that's not all, Meduza writes:

...a man and a woman "of gangster appearance, in leather jackets and with angry eyes" came to the study office. They brought certificates (available to Meduza) about Shust and Kosovsky's transfer to MGIMO, as well as alcohol and candy. After handing over the documents and gifts, the visitor inquired about Daria Medvedchuk's fate. One of the study office employees told her that Daria "was given an opportunity to write a motivational letter and study further."

Despite the fact that she was not expelled, Daria, according to the newspaper, continues to study in such a way that she ranks last in the academic rankings.

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