It became known how many Ukrainians remain in captivity

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Border guards released from Russian captivity

Russia returned only a few women to Ukraine.

The Russians have many civilians and women in captivity. The total number of detainees on the territory of the Russian Federation or the occupied part of Ukraine is about 2.5 thousand people. This was stated in an interview by Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Irina Vereshchuk, writesBBC News Ukraine .

Worst of all, civilians remain there. For several exchanges in a row, civilians are not released. It is necessary to put the question point-blank and demand the release of civilians. The civilians should be returned, not exchanged,” she said.

Vereshchuk also drew attention to the fact that there are many women in captivity of the invaders.

Considering that 131 women left Azovstal, imagine how many women are in captivity,” she said.

At the same time, Vereshchuk noted that Russians mistreat Ukrainian women.

They mock, they beat our women, they torture our women. The world should not sit back and watch while they are killed in prison, she added.

Meanwhile, nine Ukrainian border guards, whom our side released during the last exchange of prisoners of war, are in a difficult physical and psychological condition. This was reported in the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Their physical and psychological state of health is severe. After all, each case confirms that the conditions in which the Russian Federation is holding our prisoners of war are terrible and inhuman, the report says.

They also noted that those who returned to their homeland are undergoing treatment. The restoration and rehabilitation of defenders is carried out entirely at the expense of state support in departmental medical institutions.

Vereshchuk appealed to Russian soldiers

Vereshchuk urged Russian soldiers to surrender and guaranteed security

18:45, 22.09.22
Oleg Kotov
Oleg Kotov
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