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Russian Federation to launch offensive in next 10 days
19:30, 05.02.2023

The Russians will try to seize the Donbass before Ukraine gets powerful tanks from Western partners.

The Financial Times quoted an anonymous advisor of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as saying this.

The publication also noted that according to Ukrainian military intelligence officer Andriy Chernyak, Kremlin head Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to fully capture Donetsk and Luhansk regions by March.

The likely point for a new Russian offensive is in the west of Luhansk Region near Kreminna and Lyman. Ukrainian officials and Western analysts note that Russia has been gathering forces there for weeks.

It is also noted that Russian forces are amassing troops in the east and southeast of the country, with most of the fighting in recent weeks taking place around Bakhmut.

Earlier, Deputy Defence Minister Anna Malyar earlier said that Russian occupation forces had this week thrown all their forces into breaking through the Ukrainian defence and encircling Bakhmut,

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Oleg Kotov

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