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Ukraine's energy system badly damaged - Shmygal

In total, the government has already allocated more than 5 billion hryvnias to the regions for reconstruction.

All thermal and hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine have been damaged and 40 percent of high-voltage power grids have been destroyed to varying degrees, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal has said

He stressed that the Ukrainian energy system was under unprecedented strain due to constant attacks on it from the side of the Russian Federation and noted that Russia had already carried out eight massive attacks on the country's energy infrastructure. Shmyhal noted that the Ukrainian energy system remains significantly underpowered:

After eight waves of missile attacks, all thermal and hydroelectric power plants in the country have been damaged, 40% of high-voltage grid facilities have been damaged to varying degrees. Each of us must realise that we will go through this winter with significant restrictions on electricity consumption

The prime minister added that the Energy Ministry was instructed to set clear-cut priorities in terms of power supply and to make a list of enterprises, facilities that need permanent connection to the grid and those that are to be connected as last resort

Shmygal said that the Cabinet of Ministers has already allocated 100m hryvnyas to restore the heat supply system in Kremenchuk, while another 50m hryvnyas have been allocated to Sumy Region to restore the destroyed infrastructure

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