The SBU detained a priest who was "leaking" AFU positions

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Priest detained for aiding the enemy
16:47, 07.12.2022

The abbot of the UOC-MP church in Lysychansk has been accused of helping the enemy army.

This was reported by the SBU press service.

A cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate has been accused of helping the enemy.

He was passing to the occupants information about the combat positions of the Ukrainian troops in the city, as well as near Severodonetsk. First, the enemy was interested in information about the number of personnel and military equipment of the AFU units. He also "informed" the aggressor about local patriots who could potentially provide resistance to the occupation groups, the SBU has said.

The court sent him to jail for 12 years.

The priest was reportedly in the Russian Federation in 2014, where he established contact with the Russian army.

Since then, the leader of one of the LNR terrorist groups was in constant contact with the priest, who took an active part in combat operations against the ATO forces in eastern Ukraine. After the full-scale invasion began, the rector of the temple collected and passed him data on AFU units," the report said.

Another priest has also been exposed who was surrendering to the occupiers the places of residence of resistance movement participants, in particular former ATO fighters. It is reported that he has not been detained and is hiding from justice in the seized part of eastern Ukraine.

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