Russians began to get rid of real estate in Crimea

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Russians sell housing in occupied Crimea and return home

Property prices have fallen, there are no tourists, you can't make any money from renting. writes about it.

The words of one of these returning Russians:

We lived in Crimea for 4 years and are coming back home. I will tell you this, if you have a box of money, you can come while the child is in kindergarten or primary school, say... There are no prospects, opportunities here, and prices are just stifling. We returned to the Urals. We live in a nuclear cloaca, with 15 times higher radiation levels in rivers, but with higher wages. And here, of course, it is calmer.

Realtor Svetlana Levkovich, who moved to Crimea from Nizhny Novgorod in 2016, told RosSMI that her mother and sister are urging her to return home as soon as possible.

It is also noted that there are more "For Sale. Urgent!" signs on websites for flats for sale, including flats that used to be rented to tourists.

An employee of a travel agency in Crimea said:

The closed airport, anxiety, explosions on the peninsula and the proximity to military operations have significantly reduced the number of tourists. Most private accommodation providers who rent to tourists are either left without holidaymakers or have slashed prices heavily. The lack of advance booking for November holidays and New Year holidays suggests that there will be no tourists this weekend either. And next summer? The answer is rather negative. And the money invested in apartments needs to be repaid, and also the utility bills. So they sell urgently, before prices fall off.

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