Russia launched 32 drones in Kyiv on New Year's Eve. They are all shot down

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On New Year's Eve, 32 out of 32 drones launched by Russia were shot down in Kyiv
Photo: Andrei Nebytov
11:00, 01.01.2023

On New Year's Eve, 32 Iranian drones launched by Russia were shot down in the skies over Kiev.

This was reported by the Kiev city military administration on Telegram.

The report said air defence forces destroyed 32 aerial targets. Kiev police chief Andrey Nebytov posted a picture of the downed drone on Telegram. It bore the inscription "Happy New Year" in Russian.

According to preliminary reports, there were no injuries or casualties and the damage is assessed as minimal, said Kiev Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko.

This was the second massive air strike against Ukraine in 24 hours. The first one was carried out in the afternoon. In total, according to the AFU General Staff, the Ukrainian army shot down 45 Iranian-made kamikaze drones Shahed-131/136 on the night of January 1. 13 of them were shot down on December 31 and 32 on January 1. This may mean that all attacks on January 1 were concentrated on Kiev

an air-raid alert across Ukraine was declared after 00:30 Kiev time and lasted more than four hours.

At the same time, some city residents shouted "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" from their balconies and sang the anthem.

On 31 December, shelling in the capital killed one person and injured 20. A hotel in central Kiev and a number of other facilities were damaged

Zelensky showed the consequences of the shelling of Kyiv on December 31

The President's Office showed the consequences of today's shelling of Kyiv

15:00, 31.12.22
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