Russian media spreads fake that Italy has allegedly frozen the supply of military aid to Ukraine

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Russian media spreads false information about military aid for Ukraine

Russian First Channel is retelling the information from Italy24, distorting it substantially.

This is reported by "The Insider".

Channel One reported in the afternoon news::

Italy froze the shipment of its weapons to Ukraine. The local press writes about it today. The journalists found out that Kyiv demands to provide it with anti-aircraft missile systems. But sources in the renewed government say that if the growing appetites of Ukraine are satisfied, Italy itself will be left without a reliable system of protection. It is also known that the authorities have not fully delivered their weapons in accordance with the previously reached agreements.

According to "The Insider" Italy is not currently considering a new decree on the transfer of weapons to Ukraine, but this does not mean the end of military assistance.

Journalists report:

One of the difficult moments is that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba turned to his Italian counterpart Antonio Tajani with a request to provide the latest SAMP-T anti-aircraft missiles, but Italy does not have enough of them and transferring them to Kyiv would destroy the country's air defense. According to Italy24 portal sources, other weapons systems will be supplied instead.

The new decree on the supply of weapons to Ukraine will be the sixth, but deliveries under the fourth and fifth decrees have not yet been completed.

In the Italian government, according to sources Italy24, there is not the slightest doubt that support for Ukraine will continue. Although in the ruling coalition there are supporters of immediate peace talks and cessation of arms supplies to Ukraine (in particular, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini and leader of one of the coalition parties Silvio Berlusconi).

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