Majority of EU citizens support arms supplies to Ukraine

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Majority of EU citizens support further arms supplies to Ukraine

60% of the population are in favor of further arms supplies to Ukraine.

This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the Bertelsman Foundation in June, reports Ukrayinska Pravda.

Every three months since the start of the war, the foundation has asked 12,000 people in different EU countries what they think of EU policy towards Ukraine. The first survey was conducted in March, writes UP.

In Germany, 61% of respondents believe that Ukraine needs to be supplied with weapons. The highest rate among the EU countries in Poland - 84%. Only in Italy, among those surveyed, 58% of respondents are opposed.

Isabelle Hoffmann, an expert at the Bertelsmann Foundation, noted that in March everyone was in shock and the desire to support Ukraine was very high. Now the shock has subsided, “but the will to support is still very high, although the negative consequences are more noticeable in everyday life,” UP reports.

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