Russia plunders Sudan and exports gold from the country

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Russia steals gold from an African country
17:30, 30.07.2022

Workers at Khartoum International Airport in Sudan found a Russian cargo plane loaded with boxes of gold.

Almost immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a cargo was detained at the international airport of Sudan, which the Russians were trying to take out. they provided the airport workers with papers stating that they were taking cookies out of the country, which alerted the inspection authorities. The back office of the airfield decided to check the cargo, although the pro-Russian leadership of Sudan was afraid. CNN talks about it.

Sudan rarely, if ever, exports biscuits. At the same time, the country is the third largest producer of the precious metal in Africa, says journalists in the material.

Checking the cargo showed that the Russians intended to take out of the country about a ton of gold, unpacking the precious metal in colorful biscuit boxes.

This incident is one of 16 known smuggling flights of Russian gold from Sudan over the past year and a half, the journalists noted, citing their own sources in Sudan.

Thus, with the permission and assistance of the local pro-Russian authorities of the country, the Russian elites tried to compensate for what they had lost due to Western sanctions.

Russia colluded with Sudan's military leadership, allowing billions of dollars to bypass the Sudanese state and deprive the poor country of hundreds of millions of state income, investigators note.

The article also states that it was Russia that contributed to the military coup in the African country. At the center of the scheme between Moscow and the Sudanese military junta is Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch and a key ally of President Vladimir Putin, who owns the private military company Wagner (PVK Wagner).

It was he who developed a strategy for robbing the economic resources of African countries, - said Denis Korotkov, an investigator at the London Dossier Center.

It should be noted that about 100 tons of precious metal are mined annually in the country.

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