Rocket attack on the capital. Deaths and casualties reported

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How many people were killed in Kiev during the 23 November rocket attack. updated

On the afternoon of 23 November, Russia launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Which cities were hit by a missile strike on 23 November

Massive missile attack on Ukraine: which cities were affected

14:07, 23.11.22
Maria Grynevych
Maria Grynevych

The occupants have carried out another massive missile strike on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. An estimated 40 missiles have been launched.

It is known that a multi-storey building was hit in one of the districts of Kyiv region. A fire has started. There are casualties. Possible arrivals in Darnytsya thermal power plant and Vydubychi. There is no water in Kyiv. The capital's metro is de-energized - generators are on.

Four people injured as a result of the explosions in the capital have been hospitalized in medical institutions in Kiev. One injured person has been treated on the spot," Vitaliy Klitschko wrote

Three people have been killed and six injured as a result of a hit on a two-storey building in the capital," the Kiev city military administration said

Consequences of enemy rocket terror: where the lights are gone

  • there is no power supply in the entire Odessa Region, the head of the Odessa Region State Administration has said.
  • The mayor of Khmelnytskyy also said that the city was completely de-energized.
  • The mayor of Lviv also said that the entire city was without power. Yavoriv, Lviv and Chervonograd districts are also without power in the region.
  • Power supply is also interrupted in Lutsk and villages of the community, the mayor said.
  • Ukrzaliznytsya reported that power outages in the capital, Dnipro, Mykolayiv, Lviv Region, Vinnitsya, Sumy Region, and Kharkiv Region. The departure of nearby trains may be delayed, reserve diesel locomotives have been engaged. In addition, the circular electric train service in Kiev has been temporarily suspended
  • all electric transport has been stopped in Kharkiv because of the blackout, the mayor said.
  • In Ternopil region emergency shutdown schedules have been urgently introduced - it is impossible to predict the turn-on of the light, the regional state administration said.
  • Chernihiv Region is also de-energized, the regional state administration said.
  • ukrenergo added that emergency shutdowns are taking place in all regions because energy infrastructure facilities have been hit.
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