Putin announces partial mobilization and reminds of nuclear weapons

Putin decides to introduce partial mobilisation
Читати українською

Partial mobilization has been announced in Russia.

Yesterday, after it became known that the president of the Russian Federation was going to speak to the Russians on television, there was a commotion in the country. The number of requests on the Internet has sharply increased - "how to leave Russia" and "respite from the army." Recall that amendments to the law on mobilization were adopted the day before. Now for refusing to join the army - a term for "voluntary" surrender - a word for failure to comply with the chief's order during martial law by a subordinate. And after that, there was also a message that Putin would appeal to the nation.

Naturally, the "deep people" began to panic from such events.

However, Putin, as usual, decided to make him wait. The performance was postponed until the morning, according to Russian media, until the time when Vladivostok "wakes up."

Well, in general, everyone woke up. Putin began his speech on their TV. And he said that partial mobilization is still being introduced in their country. It will concern the military who are in reserve and served in the ranks of the Russian Federation.

The decree on mobilization has been signed. Mobilization activities will begin on February 21. Mobilization also concerns the military industry, Putin said. At the same time, he referred that it was a proposal of the Ministry of Defense.

And the decision to mobilize the Russian president explained that the Western countries were trying to destroy Russia. And even threatened with "nuclear blackmail." At the same time, I did not forget to remind you that Russia also has nuclear weapons.

We continue to follow developments.

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