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PrivatBank launched digital biometrics
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The bank reports that the functionality will greatly simplify customer service.

Now it is not at all necessary to remember the data of documents, card numbers, voice biometrics identifies a person by a combination of unique voice characteristics.

You call customer support and start a conversation with a virtual assistant or agent. The system recognizes that it is you after a few seconds while you say the reason for the call. This simplifies and significantly speeds up the service, because the operator does not ask additional questions, - they said in PrivatBank.

The customer voice recognition system allows you to increase the security of your phone service without the traditional additional questions.

No one except you can carry out a risky operation by contacting 3700:

  • • The bank turns your fingerprint into a digital code, which it saves and compares with your voice during a call to customer support.
  • • The security of payments is ensured by comparing the recorded voice print with the client's voice at the time of the call.

You can record your voice biometrics:

  • • In the department
  • • Chat Help Online»
  • • Call 3700
  • • Via Privat24

The service is free, but in order to use it, you need to create an individual "voice cast" through the Privat24 web version and record your own voice.

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