Pentagon: We have no plans to transfer Patriot to Ukraine

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Pentagon says no plans to hand Patriot systems to Ukraine yet

Such systems require substantial technical support and training.

This was stated by US Defence Department spokesman Pat Ryder. He said:

Air defence remains the top priority for the US DOD and the international community when it comes to supporting Ukraine. As for Patriot batteries from the US - we are not planning to supply Patriot batteries to Ukraine right now.

The official stressed that one of the difficulties of transferring such systems to Ukraine is that they are technically more complicated, so they require proper training and technical support:

When it comes to certain capabilities, such as the Patriot system, or M1 tanks, or advanced fighter jets, we are talking about capabilities that require quite substantial support, maintenance and training. None of these systems function on a plug and play basis, you can't just show up on the battlefield and start using them.

However, Ryder assured that the US will continue to work with partners to help Ukraine.

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